The National Planning Forum (NPF) is the principal cross-sectoral voice on planning issues and aims to be recognised as a key agent for change in delivering a better planning service.

The NPF aspires to “inspire planning” and all those involved in the planning process and in delivering the new planning agenda. It aims to help achieve quality, inspiring places that enhance productivity as well as peoples’ well-being.  

Evaluation   – understanding and appraising policy and practice

Exploration – challenging and researching the issues in spatial planning

Exchange – sharing ideas and information across sectors and between members

In support of this Mission, the Forum:

Represents multi-sectoral views, aiming to reach consensus wherever possible, and informed differences of opinion where not

Acts as a sounding board on planning policy and practice

Promotes good practice across the sectors

Facilitates cross-sectoral networking.

We concentrate on areas in which all sectors have a common interest, aim to be constructive in all that we do, and avoid duplication of effort.